Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter Week, Don't You Just Love Spring

To all who visit here, may you have a wonderful Easter with those you love.

Well, it's obviously been a while since I last posted anything on my blog. I've been so incredibly busy this month. My daughter and her husband bought their first home and moved in last weekend while they wait for escrow to close. I worked an estate sale for a friend, that was really more fun than work. And last weekend was our sale weekend at Room with a Past. So add all that to working full time and there just wasn't a lot of time to blog. But I did get another dotee doll done. And I received 2 from my swap partners. It's so much fun to recieve them when you don't know where their coming from. I received one from Isreal and the wedding dotee's from New Zealand. I need to get a new battery in my camera so I can add pictures this weekend. This was the last dotee I made that was an Easter Dotee.

Hopefully this next week I can catch my breath and get back to blogging on a regular basis. I need a break!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


To everyone who may visit today I wish you a very Happy Valentines Day! I would send you flowers and chocolate if I could. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted. That tells you how dull things have been here, or maybe I should say how busy. Yep, I'm sitting at work at my desk, waiting for a state report to run and thought I should at least wish everyone who may stop by a wonderful day.

I'm offering you a sweetheart. I use to love to get these candys when I was in elementary school. It was so exciting to read the little words on the candies. And the smell. They smell so sweet.

So to all who stop, I wish you love this sweetheart day!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My First Dotee Dollie

It's been a long week. I was in Sacramento all day Wednesday for a state meeting and it has been raining all week. I've started taking Fridays off now till the end of the school year to use up some vacation time. I really need it so I can HAVE SOME FUN!!!

I spent this morning at an estate sale. I found some pretty good things. Some things for the store and some things for me. Oh I like that. But I really don't need anything, just want things.

But the best thing I've done for myself is to start swapping. Yep, I found blogswaps. And I found Dotee Dolls. Now I'm hocked. Well okay, I just started but I've signed up for 5 and tonight I finished my first one. I'm so excited. My first swap is with a nurse. Couldn't be better. I love nurses. So I took a picture, okay, I'm not good at that yet but I'm working on it. I think she's going to like it.

You can't read the beading but it shows just how much I love nurses.
Bless their hearts! And of course, I had to add the pink ribbon pin.
So now on to the next Dotee.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been raining for days in Northern California and that doesn't allow my little Tinker Bell to play outside much. So while I was changing my bed linens this morning, she grabbed my jammie bottoms and her favorite beanie babie to make herself at home on my pillow. Dressed in her favorite sweater she was just too darn cute. She was all snuggled up for a restful, lazy day. Now get off so I can make the bed.

I visited A lot of Little Things blog yesterday and Willzmom had a video of Paul Anka's The Times of Your Life. It really brought back such great memories.

I realize that as you age, the times of your life can go back to some really special times. Mine were of hopscotch with neighbor kids, spending hours on our bellies looking for 4 leaf clovers, playing cards for hours in the backyard and walking in the gutters after a rain storm. Don't think I'll be putting on the rubber boots and visiting the gutters today.

I'm not sure how much fun those things would be for kids today but it was special back in the 50's. We didn't have as much to do back then. Does anyone remember trying to talk into the can with a long string? We tried for days to make it work. Today I guess they would call each other on their cell phones. Simple times then and I sound more like my mother every day.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

National Pie Day

Last night I really wanted a piece of apple pie. Little did I know that yesterday was National Pie Day. Isn't that just the way it goes???!!! I'm always a day late and a dollar short. So I looked up national day of the pie and found:

Share pie. Whether you make or buy pie, share it. By its very nature, pie is meant to be eaten with others.
Pay it forward. Hand out pie slices to strangers and encourage them to do the same for others. It could spread the peace on earth and goodwill to mankind that we all hope for.
Be a good Samaritan. Buy an extra pie at your local grocery store and give it to the person behind you in line. You may just change their life!
Reach out to new neighbors you haven’t met and bring them some pecan pie – it says your thoughtful. Stay awhile to get to know each other over pie and fill them in on the neighborhood.
Indulge your co-workers. Bring some pie to work – you’ll create a lot of good rapport and maybe even get a raise.
Surprise your significant other at work and bring him or her a pie to share with their coworkers.
Say thank you. Know a special someone who deserves some thanks? Maybe it’s a friend who did you a favor, your child’s teacher or your postal worker. What better way to say thanks than with a warm hug wrapped in a delicious crust?
Got a crush? Invite the “apple pie of your eye” for some pie and get to know each other better. But make it chocolate – most Americans believe it’s the most romantic pie. Before long, you may be calling each other “sweetie pie.”
Delight your family. Share the love and share your favorite memories together over a warm, fresh pie. Have older family members talk about the history behind the family favorites. Start a new tradition and publish pie memories and recipes, then send them to family members.
Spend time with your kids and make a pie together. Let them pick their favorite pie and show them how it’s done. They’ll be proud of their creation and have fond memories of you as the best parent ever for years to come!
Get caught up with friends and invite them over for some afternoon pumpkin pie. You can dish on all their latest news.

Eat pie. Whether you make it yourself, buy it at a supermarket or bakery or order it at a restaurant, perform a random act of pieness on yourself and enjoy some pie on National Pie Day – it’s great with lunch, dinner or as a late-night snack.

So I'm sharing this piece of pie with you, whoever might visit.

I Love Pie!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Little Corner of the Room

With a Past that is. It was a very busy weekend at the Room! The hours went by quickly because of the great freindship and the wonderful people that come in every month to view all the new goodies. I wish I had taken my camera for the opening night but Jan, ever present with hers, took these pictures for me on day 2 of the sale. By that time most of the really good things were picked over but it still has its own flavor. I'm always amazed at how much people appreciate what you hunt and find for them.

Pink was the flavor of this month. It was our only opening before Valentine's Day.

I just can't wait for the cold here in Northern CA to 'go away' but I know we can't really complain because at least there isn't snow. I have several projects I would love to finish, okay, start but I just can't bring myself to be out in the garage for more than a few minutes. I'm so grateful to have another day off. I'm thinkin' maybe I can get everything done tomorrow, well, maybe not. It was just a thought.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yep, that's it in a nutshell. I was working at home today, well, I was suppose to be working at home today but there was an estate sale this morning and I just can't pass that up. I got the greatest little white wrought iron double seat for the backyard. Love it. And I got several small items for the shop. I just love the Room as it's known. Our Thursday sale was last night and man was it busy. I think people are getting cabin fever because there haven't been any good garage sales during the winter.
I plan on going to another estate sale in the morning before working in the Room tomorrow. Then maybe to the flea market Sunday. I wonder where the name flea market came from? I finally got the camera out yesterday to see if I can take some pictures of my space to put on my new blog. Can't have a blog without some good pictures.
I'm so glad it's Friday and a 3 day weekend. Thanks Martin.